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Article by Brynn Thomas

Now that the holiday season has come to an end, it’s time to accept the hard truth: it’s still winter! But without all of the treats and gifts and parties every other day. I’m currently living in Salt Lake City and some days it feels like I might not survive the weather in the great white north. Overdramatic? Maybe a little. But no matter where you live, it’s safe to bet that you are feeling the woes of winter weather in some shape or form. Our skin gets dryer, our hair gets duller, and makeup doesn’t seem quite as fun as its dewy, glowy summer counterpart. So I’ve gathered a few tips to combat those winter beauty blues, and two winter makeup trends to rock right this second.


First off, MOISTURIZE!! I can’t stress this enough. Winter or not, you should be moisturizing morning and night if you are over the age of 18. If you haven’t already, it’s time to invest in a good face lotion/oil and eye cream, and they don’t necessarily need to break the bank. My current favorites are Keihls Creamy Eye Treatment with avocado (less than $30), Ponds Rejuveness Cream (less than $10!), and Josie Maran Argan Oil (less than $30). You can even use something heavy duty like Aquaphor ointment if you have areas on your face that get a little scaly. Every face and complexion is different so you might have to do some experimenting to find out what works best for you, just make sure you are giving your skin a little extra love for the next few months! And the same goes for your hair. Cut back on dullness and damage by using a hair mask every other week; I love Its A Ten Hair Mask. It makes my hair crazy soft, reduces frizz and helps combat that horrible winter static.


And now that we’ve gotten the basics under control, its time for the fun stuff! Winter makeup trends are some of my absolute favorites. And even though you can absolutely wear them year round, they seem most at home paired with winter’s big slouchy sweaters and darker color palette. Winter makeup tends to be bolder and darker, and here’s the good news: everyone can pull it off! My favorite cold-weather looks are Maroon Lips and Gunmetal Smokey Eyes. For perfect winter lips, start with a good exfoliator. I like making my own with a little olive oil, sugar, and orange extract, or by simply scrubbing my lips with a toothbrush in soft circular motions. Next, pick out the perfect shade. One of the reasons that maroon lips are so lovely on everyone is that the color is typically blue-based. Blue undertones make teeth look whiter and every skin color look a little brighter. My favorites are Revlon Raspberry Bite, MAC Rebel, and Revlon Berry Haute. The final step is having the self assurance to wear your vampy new lip color and trust me, you can!


Gunmetal eyeshadow is a shade that absolutely every woman should own, and covers any shadow with bronze, grey, charcoal, or olive pigments. These shadows are usually a combination of all the metallics that flatter every eye color (bronze for blues, charcoals for greens, olives for browns, etc.). And since these colors are so multi-dimensional, they can be worn all over the eyelid and crease without looking like a black eye. My favorites are Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Shadow in Bad to the Bronze, Laura Mercier Baked Eye Color in Black Karat, and Urban Decay Shadows in YDK, Pistol, Mugshot, and Suspect. Start with a good shadow primer (I love Urban Decay Primer Potion), and then use a brush to cover your eyelid in shadow. Instead of brushing it on, “pack”, or push, the product into your skin. This creates a stronger color pay-off and prevents the shadow from falling onto your cheeks. Then use a tapered blending brush (or your finger) to blend the color that is already on your lid into your crease. If you prefer a cream shadow, use your fingers for both steps. Add a little shadow just below the lower lash line, right where you would typically put eyeliner, and you’re done. Sultry, soft, smokey eyes in less than five minutes. These two looks can be worn separately for a great daytime look, or wear them together for a bold look at night. However you wear them, rock these looks with confidence!


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