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By Lauren Parry.

The FitBit Force is FitBit’s latest and greatest product which tracks steps, distance, stairs climbed, calories burned, active minutes, and time. It even tracks your sleep at night, including hours slept, how many times you woke up, and your sleep quality. What more could you need? You can sync your stats in real-time on your phone and computer. It’s the first FitBit that shows stats directly on the wristband, a feature we LOVE! Accountability is huge when it comes to being fit, and Fitbit Force is perfect for this. It is a constant reminder to keep moving throughout the day and to reach the goals you set for yourself. The FitBit Force comes with the wristband, a charging cable, and a wireless sync dongle to sync to other devices.


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Now that you know the basics, lets get down to our favorite features:


FitBit allows you to follow friends and “challenge” them through the FitBit app. This competitive element sparks a TON of motivation! There’s nothing better than surrounding yourself with people who have similar goals.


We were skeptical of the silent vibrating alarm feature on the wristband. It is a pleasant surprise waking up peacefully to this alarm rather than the typical obnoxious alarm sound.


The FitBit Force is so lightweight, you might even forget its there! It’s sleek design allows you to wear it during every day activities, at the gym, and while you sleep, without causing any irritation.


The only time you need to take the wristband off is to charge it. You can sweat, shower, and even swim with it.

Goal Setting

Seeing your stats motivates you to reach your fitness goals. Set goals, watch your progress, and even challenge friends.

If staying fit or getting into better shape is one of your goals this year you HAVE to check these out.

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  1. Hi there! I was wondering how this was tested? I do data entry at a desk most of the day and I wondered how it might effect the counts on this? Will the constant hand movement be counted as activity or will it know the difference? I understand its a computer of some sort, but I just hated to spend the money on one if it wasn’t going to give me an accurate reading, ya know? Any help would be great as I can’t find a FAQ section on the Fit bit website. Thanks!

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      Hi Niki! Thanks for the question. Just about everyone in our office has either a fitbit or a nike fuel band. Most of us are constantly typing and it doesn’t have an effect on the step count. ALl of us agree the reading is pretty accurate! Obviously it will never be an absolutely perfect count, but I have found the fitbit is more accurate than similar products. It also provides more statistics than other products. In fact, while I was sitting down writing this message, checking my phone, and drinking my smoothie, my step count didn’t go up. 😉 I highly recommend it!

      1. Another quick question: (sorry to keep posting!) Anyone in the office do yoga and wear the fitbit? That’s my chosen style of exercise and I wonder if it would track those movements? Thanks again!

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          Yes! We have a few hot yoga fans here. There is a section on the app where you can input physical activity and it will adjust the calorie count accordingly.

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