Love, Sweat, and Tears

upbeat love music

Article by Ashley Ansuini

Hey there, its that time again, time to refresh your workout mix and love is in the air, so add some of these songs to your collection so you can be in the mood while you are working on your moves. This mix is a collection of mostly pop, r&b and edm so you can have a flow of love songs at all tempos (1hour 1 min).

Warm up: a little XO by Beyonce- I really love the flow of this song

True Love by Pink & Lilly Allen- its funny and peppy perfect for picking up the pace

Work out: Sunlight by Bag Raiders is the ultimate feel good upbeat love song- I have this on repeat in the summer, it’s a great motivator

I included a bunch of edm love songs, they are the sweetest messages with the highest beats per min! Special shout out for Eyes by Kaskade, and Cinema by Benny Benassi, which hold a special place in my heart

Young & Beautiful by Lana Del Rey has the most romantic line “when I get to Heaven, please let me bring my man” I love it!

Cool down/stretch: A little groovy love from John Legend with Tonight (Best you Ever Had) I was lucky enough to see him perform this and it is just romantic and a perfect tempo to wind down to

Heartbeats by Royal Teeth is a cover of the band The Knife, it is a fun, sweet ending to your love fest- I mean workout!!!!

Enjoy and Happy Valentines Day!

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