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Article by Lauren Parry

Am I the only one who struggles with deodorant? Come on, who’s with me. I’m constantly switching it up trying to find that PERFECT one. Between working out and getting used to the dry heat of Las Vegas, finding the right deodorant is tough. It doesn’t help that I sweat ALL the time. Confession time: I sweat when I’m hot, when I’m cold, when I’m nervous, when Im listening to the National Anthem (it reminds me of my gymnastics days… they play it before every gymnastics meet), when Im driving, the moment I walk out of my house in the hot vegas heat.. believe me- the list goes on and on.

Reasons why I’ve ditched past deodorants:

  • Make me sweat the second I put them on (weird I know)
  • Dry my skin out and cause irritation
  • Don’t last long enough
  • My body becomes immune to it. I don’t know if thats possible but that’s what it feels like.
  • Smell

Here is the current deodorant I have been crushing on:

dove deodorant

Dove Advanced Care

Dove Advanced Care was sent to me by Dove and Influenster to test out, and I have honestly been loving it so far! Did you guys know that 36% of what you remove while shaving is skin? Thats a HUGE percent. Gross. Dove Advanced Care has NutriumMoisture technology to keep the skin moisturized, and I can feel a big difference. I had been using a “clinical” deodorant prior to trying this, and although it helps prevent sweat, it was really drying out the skin. Dove Advanced Care says it lasts 48 hours, but the thought of going 48 hours without applying deodorant makes me sweat 😉 so I’ll let you put that to the test.

Dove Advanced Care is about $6. There are some other deodorants I’ve really liked in the past but they are around $20. I can think of 100 things I would rather spend $20 on. If you’re looking to give a new reasonably priced deodorant a shot I suggest you try out Dove Advanced Care!

What type of deodorant do you use? Have you found that PERFECT one? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I use Dove too. Seems to work well, smells good and I don’t feel “covered” in it when I put it on. Check out your local Sam’s club (if they have the out there) and sometimes you can get a 4 pack for a decent price!

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  2. Unfortunately you get your sweating issues from me…I have yet to find the perfect deodorant! Gone thru zillions of them – I just started using a clinical one, will try Dove next! Hope it works and sorry for the ‘issue’ – LOL <3 Mom

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