Interval Treadmill Workout


By Lauren Parry.

This treadmill workout is sure to make you sweat! You will need water and a towel. Make sure to focus on taking deep breaths throughout your run, and hydrate properly before and after the workout. Always stretch before and after your run to reduce the risk of injury. A good playlist is the perfect tool to get you pumped up for the run! Check out a few of our favorite workout songs here. 45 minutes may sound long, but constantly changing your speed and incline makes the time fly!

Warm Up: minutes 0-5 start out at a very slow pace to get our heart rate going.
Go Time:  minutes 5-22 your speed will vary between 5.8-6.0.
Sprint It Out: minutes 23-27 will test your commitment to this run, along with a few slow breaks in between.
Almost there: minutes 27-40 will feel like a breeze after the past few minutes!
Cool down: minutes 40-45.

You can do it! Let us know how it goes in the comments below! treadmill_web_2


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