10 Tips to Flawless Skin



Achieving flawless skin isn’t always easy. We’ve teamed up with Master Esthetician Chantelle Lambeth of La Via Medical Spa to provide you with 10 tips to flawless skin.


Sunscreen is one of the most important things you can do for your skin! Most people don’t like wearing it because they feel it makes them break out or have a shiny face. Look for a sunscreen that is matte if you don’t like the ‘greasy’ feel or texture. It is also important to use at least 30 SPF or higher. Using sunscreen regularly helps prevent facial brown spots, skin discolorations, and slows dow the process of aging skin and wrinkle development. 


Moisturizing is extremely important to have that healthy glow! Everyone needs moisturizer, even if you don’t have dry skin. Look for a light or oil free option, that way it wont feel heavy but you will still get the moisture you need! The best time to moisturize is right after you shower. Doing so will lock in the water your skin was able to soak up.  Moisturizing on a regular basis will leave you with soft, hydrated skin.


Exfoliating takes away dead skin, leaving your face nice and fresh. Keep in mind, you don’t want an exfoliator that’s too rough because it can damage your skin. Find one that’s gentle and not overly coarse. Exfoliating makes a world of a difference in your over all complexion. It also helps your makeup go on smooth and flawless! 


Cleansers are your friends. Always make sure to wash your hands before you wash your face. If you use a washcloth, use a fresh one every time to prevent bacteria build up.  A great tool for cleaning your face is a Clarisonic Plus or Clarisonic Mia (See giveaway at bottom of article). Different skin types need different cleansers, so look for one tailored to your specific needs. Make sure wash your face everyone morning and every night.


We all know how healthy exercising is for the body, but what some may not realize is the positive effects it has on the skin! Sweating helps flush out the pores and also allows toxins to be released from the body. 


Getting a good night’s rest is crucial for you skin. It gives your skin time to relax and rejuvenate. Throughout the day, our skin comes in contact with dirt and pollution, among other things, and getting your beauty rest is the perfect way to restore your skin.


Water is a necessity for your skin.  Not only does drinking more water hydrate the skin, but it make wrinkles less noticeable. It also clears away toxins that have built up in the skin.  If you have a difficult time drinking enough water, try adding slices of fruit to the bottom of your water for a healthy and refreshing taste. 


We’re all guilty of it. Try to touch your face less and wash your face more. It’s tempting to pick, squeeze, or poke in front of the mirror, but the risk of scarring your face is very high. Trust the products you use and allow them to do the work!


Cleaning your makeup brushes will ensure two things: that they will last longer, and that they will keep your face cleaner. Keeping the brushes clean helps prevent the growth of bacteria that causes clogged pores and breakouts. I recommend washing them once a week. That may seem a little bit crazy, but it really makes a huge difference. 


Facial masks are a great way to condition, clean or treat the skin. There are a huge variety of masks you can apply. Masks for dry skin, oily skin, black heads, breakouts, etc. Try making your own face mask with natural products to save money or head to your local cosmetic store and sample out a few different masks before purchasing. 


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