Visual Guides for Portion Control

By Lauren Parry.

Did you know there are some basic visuals to help you remember serving sizes of specific foods? Understanding portion control can be tricky, especially if you don’t have a scale. Portion control is important if you are:

  • trying to lose weight
  • trying to maintain your figure
  • eating out at a restaurant
  • tracking your caloric intake

Here are a few helpful serving size tips:

portion control

1 Die: 1tsp butter

Deck of cards: 3 oz of meat or chicken

Golf Ball: 1 serving of peanut butter or salad dressing; 1 oz of nuts

Computer Mouse: small baked potato

4 Dice : 1 Serving of cheese

Floss: 1 oz chocolate

Tennis Ball: 1 C cooked rice, pasta, or icecream

Baseball: 1 serving of vegetables or fruit

Checkbook: serving of fish

Remember to take a look at your plate. A general rule of thumb is half of your plate should be vegetables, one quarter of the plate should be your protein, and the other quarter should be your starch.

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