So Fresh, So Clean {Spring Cleaning}


By Lauren Parry.

Confession: Im not very good at cleaning. Some people can’t go to bed until everything in their house is spic and span, or don’t leave the house in the morning until their bed is made. Its safe to say my brain isn’t wired like that. I would rather sacrifice a large pile of laundry in my house to workout, play in the sun, eat, and watch my favorite TV shows (like Revenge and Pretty Little Liars). Lucky for me, my OCD husband is quite the cleaner. 😉 Despite the fact that cleaning isn’t my strong point, every time Spring comes around I gain some EXTREME motivation to have a spotless house and downsize on the clutter. Today I’m sharing a few helpful tips for Spring Cleaning, but first I want to talk about my new favorite cleaning tool, the Ultra-Lightweight Upright Shark Rocket.


Shark Cleaning sent me this vacuum for review, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  My favorite part of this vacuum is it’s versatility. This vacuum can be used on carpets, wood floors, or your car.  The bottom vacuum attachment can be switched out with a “dust away” attachment for wood floors. This comes with a reusable microfiber pad for wood floors and tile. (If you prefer disposable, they are available on their website). The reusable microfiber pad can be washed with detergent and warm water. The pad picks up fine dust and particles, while the suction in the front picks up larger particles. The rocket doesn’t use bags either, which I LOVE because there are no reoccurring costs when it comes to replacements. Another wonderful feature is the handheld option. This option can be used for hard to reach places or your car. Just detach the top attachment and click it into the bottom attachment!

The Shark Rocket is extremely sleek, slim, and lightweight. This makes it easy to store, easy to carry up and down stairs, and easy to lift to reach high spaces in your house. One thing that takes some getting used to is the swivel steering. It is very flexible in order to get into hard to reach places and maneuver around furniture in your house. Once I got used to this feature I was a huge fan! The Shark Rocket is unlike your typical vacuum.  If you are in the market for a vacuum I highly suggest giving this a try. It is extremely affordable, especially when you factor in all of the different uses!

Now lets get down to the cleaning.

Im a list person. Theres just something about striking a line through a task on a to-do list. I’m THAT person who writes the easiest things down (like ‘take shower’) just so that I can cross it off eventually. I’ve created a FoodFitFab Spring Cleaning Checklist, organized by room, for all of you list makers out there!

Don’t forget to create a good playlist. Raise your hand if you dance while cleaning your house. Rock out to your favorite upbeat playlist while you’re cleaning… I promise it makes cleaning more fun.

Declutter your entire house, and I mean entire house. Go through every cabinet and closet in your house. Get rid of things you don’t want, and organize anything that needs some reorganizing. Create a pile for donating, and a pile for trash. It’s a lovely feeling when you’re all finished.

Once your house is sparkling clean, reward yourself with some fresh flowers to brighten up a room in your house… It is spring, after all.

Click here to download the printable version: Spring Cleaning Checklist.


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