Holy Grail Products: Summer Edition

By Makeup Artist Brynn Thomas.

Being a makeup artist and an all around beauty junkie, I’ve realized that my go-to products tend to completely change every few months. I’m constantly trying new makeup, hair, and body products, based on suggestions from my favorite beauty bloggers, friends, clients, and even just random purchases from flashy drug store displays. So I’ve decided to share the wealth, and every few months I’ll be writing an article all about my current Holy Grail products. Summer is in full swing (yay!) and that means my current bag of tricks is pretty pool/lake/beach friendly. I’ve already covered a few of these products in past articles, but they are just too good to not share again! So here they are, the gems I just can’t seem to live without this Summer.



Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 55 by Neutrogena (I’ll use this one on my face forever. It doesn’t leave my skin looking greasy or oily, takes about 1 minute to fully set in, and once its dry it will make your skin feel ridiculously soft.)

Maui Babe Browning Lotion (I’ve mentioned this one before, but really, its SO good. A little goes a long way, it makes you look instantly bronzed, and smells like brown sugar. Make sure you apply it after your sunscreen!)



So Aglow Tan-Enhancing Shimmer by True Blue Spa at Bath and Body Works (the Monoi Oil keeps your skin hydrated, the light gold shimmer makes your tan look perfect, and it smells like summer!)

Bombshell Summer Body Mist by Victorias Secret (the regular Bombshell body mist is one of my go-to scents, and they added grapefruit and citrus notes to the Summer version to make it perfectly light and sweet.)


Evian Facial Spray (I put off using this one for quite a while because, come ON, how ridiculous is expensive sprayable water? But once you start using it you’ll be hooked too! Its so refreshing, and can be used mid-day to spruce up the look of your skin and makeup.)

Healthy Skin Enhancer by Neutrogena (This gem was mentioned in last month’s article as well, and its still holding its place as one of my favorite summer products. Its lightly tinted, blurs imperfections, and includes retinol and spf 20 to protect and improve your skin all day long.)

Makeup Forever Blush in #22 (The blushes at Makeup Forever are perfectly pigmented and SO soft and blend-able, and this shade is the most gorgeous coral that will make you look like you just spent the day relaxing and sipping lemonade. Seriously.)


Baby Lips in Strike a Rose by Maybelline (Of course I had to sneak Baby Lips in here… I’m obsessed! This shade is bright and summery, and an easy way to add a fun and low maintenance pop to your makeup look.)

NYX Butter Gloss in Peaches and Cream (Another product that I love in just about every shade, this one is a gorgeous coral and is a little heavier than a balm, but a little lighter than a lipstick.)

Hawaiian Tropic Lip Balm with SPF 45+ (Our lips are usually left out of sunblock application, and they really need the protection too! Lips can still get burned, as well as get sun spots and make you look older than you are. I always used to rub regular sunblock into my lips and suffer through the feel and horrible taste, until this baby came along. And its waterproof and tastes pretty good too!)


Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil by Bumble and Bumble (All the pool time this summer can leave your locks feeling thirsty, and this stuff will lock in the moisture without weighing your hair down or making it look greasy. I work it into my hair when its dry for a little extra shine.)

Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble (This amazing spray makes a lot of Holy Grail lists, and for good reason. Spray it into lightly damp hair for that “I’m actually a mermaid” look.)

Here’s to the season of barbecues, pool days, tan lines and easy living! Happy Summer!

Photography by Carly Buckley.

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