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By Makeup Artist Brynn Thomas.

Daquiris, Mojitos, Cosmos, Pina Coladas… Summer time is chalk full of fun, colorful, fruity drinks that are best served ice cold with a tiny umbrella. But why should bartenders get to have all the fun? The beauty world is full of products and ingredients that, when mixed in the right way, can be absolute perfection. Here are five beauty cocktails to create some of my favorite looks that are gorgeous any time of year. Sometimes, you CAN have it all!


Perfect Bedhead Hair: Pureology Dry Conditioner + Brilliantine

pic1brynnI love the grunge look (child of the 90s here!) but with a more feminine twist. Brilliantine by Bumble and Bumble is an amazing product that leaves your hair looking windblown and purposefully a little messy… basically like a rockstar who looks edgy chic right after rolling out of bed. The only problem is, it can make thick/coarse hair like mine look a little dry and fine hair look a little too tangled. Enter Pureology Fresh Approach Dry Condtioner, the most genius invention thats just like dry shampoo, but it smoothes and adds shine to your hair. Spray a little of this on first, then work in a dime sized amount of Brilliantine and tousle hair for the perfect “I woke up like this” look.

Lavender Pout: Makeup forever Gloss #9 + Revlon Berry Haute

pic2brynnIts no secret, I’m all about purple lips. Violet, maroon, orchid, I’ll take them all. But sometimes a vibrant purple lip isn’t totally appropriate (at church or work, for example), and sometimes I just want a softer version of the trend. The trick is using the gloss before the lipstick instead of after. So simple but so effective! I love the gorgeous petal pink shade of Makeup Forever’s Glossy Full Couleur #9 (super shiny without being sticky!), and I follow it up with Revlon Lipstick in Berry Haute. The gloss thins out the lipstick just enough that it creates a gorgeous Lavender color that is flattering for every skin tone and totally wearable.

Dramatic Lashes: Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black + Maybelline Full and Soft

pic4I’ve mentioned many times before that these two mascaras are some of my Holy Grail products. On their own they are amazing, and together they reach a whole new level of fringe perfection. Alternate mascaras for each layer of application (I do 3-4 layers when I want bombshell lashes, no shame here). Both formulas and brushes thicken and hit every lash, and the Full and Soft keeps lashes touchable while the Voluminous Carbon Black adds the smokey and dramatic factor.

Sex Kitten Hair: Moroccan Hair Oil + Redken Rough Paste 12

pic3Ever wonder what makes Blake Lively so flawless? Ok, just about everything, but one of her most stand-out features is her always-killer sex kitten hair. I learned this trick from The Beauty Department Blog and trust me, its been tried, tested and proven to create Blake-worthy locks. Start by curling your hair with a 1 &1/4 inch curling iron, wrapping your hair around the barrel half way down and leaving out a bit of the ends. Next, take about a dime sized amount of each product, mix it up in your hands and work it through your hair, focusing  on the middle to ends. Moroccan Oil makes hair look healthy, thick, and shiny, and the Redken Rough Paste tousles it up a little and add tons of body. Bonus: this stuff lasts all day/night, scrunch your hair from scalp to tip every couple hours for a little pick-me-up and the product already in your hair will keep working its magic.

Summertime Blush: Makeup Forever #22 + Nars Gaiety + LimeCrime Magic Dust in Cupcake Thief


Even though I really work this look in the Summertime, different versions of it creep into my makeup routine all year round. Start with Makeup Forever blush in #22 (the coral/peach color adds warmth to your face), then add Nars Gaiety blush to the apples of your cheeks (the light pink instantly brightens). Finish off the look with a pink shimmer highlighter (my favorite is Cupcake Thief by LimeCrime), and lightly blend onto your cheekbones and into the apples. Use a small amount, you should only be able to see the highlighter as the light catches it. Perfect for that lit-from-within glow!

Cheers to summer, sweet drinks, and Beauty Cocktails!!


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