Make Your Body Your Machine

By Lauren Parry.

Today we’re sharing a few of our favorite TRX exercises! There are so many different options with TRX that it can be overwhelming. What’s your favorite TRX move?

Upright Rows

How to: Begin with your legs out in front of you gripping the TRX bands. Form a straight line from your back down to your hips and legs. Pull up bringing your elbow straight back past your body. Squeeze your back muscles at the top, and slowly return to your starting position. 
What it works: Upper Back
Added Challenge: Place your legs on a bench while performing this exercise.











Hanging Sit Ups

How to: Hang upside down and hook your legs over the bar. Place your feet in a secure position (see photo). Place arms behind head and perform a sit up. Slowly lower down. 
What it works: Lower Abs
Added Challenge: Use medicine ball






















How to: Begin by supporting yourself on the Parallel bars with your arms straight. Bend your arms pressing your elbows back to form a 90 degree angle. Raise back to your starting position.
What it works: Triceps
Added Challenge: Add weight 

Chin UP

How to: Hang in an under hand grip. Pull up until your chin is above the bar without swinging. Slowly lower down to starting position and repeat.
What it works: Overall Upper Body
Added Challenge: Hold at the top of your chin up on each rep

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