Benefits of Barre

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If you haven’t tried a barre workout yet, I highly suggest you try it out just once! It is one of my favorite workouts and here’s why:

1. Hard on muscles, kind on joints

Barre is low impact, so unlike most workouts you are not achy. I have knee issues and barre is the perfect alternative when my knees are being stubborn.

2. Tones the tush

Within a few days of taking barre you will notice a total butt lift! Who doesn’t love that?

3. Say goodbye to arm flab

Barre is the perfect workout to give your arms a little definition. My favorite part is toning triceps! Working your triceps is what helps take your arms from flab to fab!

4. Feel the burn.

3 pounds has never felt so heavy!  In barre you work your muscles to exhaustion, but its well worth it.

5. Rapid Results

You will feel sore after your first class, but the benefit is that you will see results in no time! So go on, get yourself a “barre booty.” 😉

6. Lean Muscle

Throughout a barre workout, you will switch between pulsing movements to raising your heart rate and stretching. The flow of this workout is great for creating lean muscle, perfect for those who are worried they are going to “bulk up.”

7. Soothing

There’s something about a barre workout that sets it apart from other workouts. Most of the time barre is in a separate, cozy studio, which has a lot to do with it. Although you are getting a great workout in, you aren’t surrounded by the loud noise and crowds that your typical gym has.

8. Increased Flexibility

Sometimes flexibility is underestimated. If you attend often you will begin to notice an increase in your flexibility. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to be flexible to try barre!

9. Fun

Barre workouts play upbeat songs in order to help you keep up your rhythm. This creates such a fun energy in the studio!

 10. You Don’t Leave Drenched

Although you will break a sweat in Barre, I love that you don’t feel completely drenched leaving your workout. This allows you to go run other errands after you workout without having to go straight home and shower off first!

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