Keeping on Track Over the Holidays

shutterstock_115597576I know we are all thinking it, here we go again, its that time of year when all of our hard work is threatened by the looming thoughts of holiday parties and gatherings and the dangers that go hand in hand (late nights, cocktails, & sugar cookies ring a bell?). From Halloween to New Years we are constantly facing temptations in the form of celebrating. Some of us are on a journey of weight loss and we know it’s a long slow struggle to reach our goals and the thought of the next 3 months setting us back our whole year of progress is heartbreaking. There are also those of you who have hit their goals and just want to maintain and not lose their way. No matter what place in your health and fitness you are at I know you are like me and you want to enjoy theses next few months but not backslide. I can think back on the last few years where I have had an attitude of “it’s the holidays,” “I deserve it this time of year,” “the holidays are so stressful” and then comes Jan 1 I have an extra 10 pounds that were not given to me all wrapped up in a bow under the Christmas tree- Sound Familiar???

This year I want it to be different, that pattern is unacceptable so I decided to look into what kind of tools that can help me along the way in addition to what we all know already works: DIET & EXERCISE! Stressful, busy and social times like these D&E are just not enough- unless your planning to either forgo the festivities or do a double at the gym every day from Oct 31-Jan 2,  NOT an option for me! I want to have fun, socialize and celebrate what makes this time of year so awesome, but I don’t want to OD on pumpkin pie, and I do want to fit in that new years dress.


Here is what you can do now to stay on track over the next few months, focus on Planning, Diet & Supplements

Planning is your foundation, plan out your workout schedule as far out as you can and try and make use of any extra time before big weekends like thanksgiving and Christmas where you know you might not get any formal workouts in. If your dedicated when you can be then it wont effect your progress as much if you miss a night to go to your company party. Also get your exercise in where you can- park far out at the mall and wear a pedometer- you’d be amazed at the steps you can rack up at a mall! Go ice skating instead of eggnog & ugly sweaters- plan something active instead of the usually food/drink type parties with your friends. Plan out the meals you can control- take a healthy lunch every single day you know your having dinner out. It’s the little things that will add up.

Diet needs to be what has already been working for you- there are a lot of programs out there right now and everybody’s’ body is different. I can’t say whether low carb or no carb or paleo or vegetarian is best, but I’m pretty sure you know what is working for you and what is clearly not. For me a mostly paleo and sugar free lifestyle 80-90% of the time is what suits me best but I know that when the pumpkin (anything) gets passed around I am going to want a bite. That’s the key- just have a bite or a taste. No need to have all 3 kinds of cookies or a whole slice of pie. You can indulge without binging- because you know its not just one night or one party, you don’t have desert every night right now do you? Same thing goes for cocktails and spirits- moderation when in celebration mode– these are a tricky one because you don’t always feel like your getting calories because you don’t feel full but trust me you are- and sometimes more than you would think- a sugarplum martini could be hiding hundreds of calories and you may have just had 3 with your meal!

Supplements your final and most helpful tool- and think of them as such- a tool you can use to be more efficient. Supplements can help you with getting in extra meals, appetite suppressant and extra energy when you need it. All of these are key to staying on track. Keep your protein (shakes or bars) handy for your in-between meals- don’t go more than 4 hours without a protein boost. If you skip a meal you are more likely to binge on hors d’oeuvres & sweets which are the worst things at the party you can eat. Also necessary: a diet supplement that can give you energy and appetite suppression– this will assist on keeping you on track. I find that the little boost from a supplement will give me that extra will power to “just say no” to the cookie. I like diet supplements or aids that give you the optional caffeine so I can take them even if its later in the day or I know I’m going to have a lot of coffee- I don’t want to be over caffeinated but I do want the other benefits:)

For these reasons I like Mangodrin and Mangodrin SF by truDERMA, I can use them every day and only take the formula that works for what I have planned for the day. If I know I will not have access to coffee I stick to the original caffeinated formula and when I am needing a boost later in the day for an event for appetite suppression without the caffeine I use the stimulant free version. They work great together and I don’t have to worry about using one or the other- my body will stay on track. I also love the adrenal support they provide, especially during this stressful time of year. Plus I can always use the extra energy. Lots of socializing and shopping to do & I need the fuel to get it all done.


Well I think that’s it- a holiday survival guide of sorts- Planning, Diet & Supplements are my key to staying on track. Lets keep our goals in focus and not loose all of the great results we’ve seen so far. Cheers to you and yours and hope you have a great start to your holiday season. If you’re looking for more weight loss and health advice please follow for more tips.


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