Tuesday Tips

Lunges can be one of the best exercises for your legs and your butt- today’s Tuesday Tips are a few ways to lock down those perfect lunges.


shutterstock_163401170Form is important! Think “up & down” not “forward” when lunging this keeps you from breaking the cardinal rule of NO KNEEE OVER YOUR TOE which can lead to all kinds of problems and keep your torso & back nice and straight.


Go slow, I see people rushing through their lunges trying to prove some point that they did more in the 30 second set than everyone else but their form is atrocious. Take your time, don’t let the back knee drop and engage every muscle (including that core for balance). Its better to do less and have great form and engage all the right muscles then to have done lots of “half” lunges and risk the sore knees later- trust me!


Speaking of muscle try incorporating hand weights and do over head presses or bicep curls while lunging and turn your every day lunge into a full body move, a couple sets of these with weights can give you a nice little workout when you are pressed for time. You can also go in reverse or lunge to the side to mix it up. Another movement similar to incorporate that are killer for your legs/glutes are step ups on high boxes with weights in hand.


Lunges are such an awesome and simple exercise that when done properly work those big muscles in a BIG way.



***If you have never done lunges before or any workout regimen we advise seeking advice of a professional, especially if you have leg or knee injuries.


Happy Tuesday everybody!




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