We Crush Wednesdays!!!

We are so over “Women Crush Wednesdays” and “Man Crush Mondays” – we think you should be celebrating beauty all the time, so we are doing our own #wcw and it has nothing to do with crushing on hotties.




Take this “hump” day to crush your goals whether its the gym, at work or at home.



Here are a few tips to CRUSH those goals today:

  1. Prioritize– what is the most important things on your list? Is getting to the gym more important than stopping by the mall to pick up an item you don’t need until this weekend?
  2. Simplify– gym on the way home or later tonight? What will make this goal easiest for you to complete?
  3. Be courageous– just go for it, who cares if its not your favorite instructor or your can’t find a parking space. Just make it happen and you’ll feel so much better that you did!
  4. Don’t give up! -If you get called into a meeting or something else comes up, don’t get discouraged that you failed. You were in the mind set to crush it and guess what- you will crush it tomorrow:)


Change your outlook today and CRUSH your goals!!


Todays #wcw is sponsored by Gastro bi-Plex





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