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Mangodrin Is An Advanced Supplement

Lose Up To 28 lbs. In just 10 Weeks*

See Results In 14 Days*

Raise Metabolism & Burn Excess Belly Fat*

Increase Energy & Mental Focus*

Control Appetite & Fight Cravings*

Imrpvove & Balance Mood*

Why You Need Mangodrin

  • Do You Have Difficulty Losing Weight, Especially From Your Thighs, Hips & Waist?
  • Do You Have Stubborn Belly Fat That Seems Impervious To Diet & Exercise?
  • Do You Get Cravings For Foods You Know You Should Avoid But Can’t Seem To Pass Up?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are your weight loss problem is not your fault!

Science has recently discovered that a hormone called Leptin is likely the cause. Leptin is created in fat cells and it regulates your body’s ability to burn fat.

The active ingredient in MANGODRIN helps correct your body’s leptin resistance and increase fat loss!

Which Mangodrin Is Right For You?

The original MANGODRIN or “XTREME” formula has the belly fat battling IGOB131® African Mango Extract and also includes powerful thermogenic ingredients such as synephrine, yohimbe, and caffeine that will give you extra energy, focus, and may help to increase your fat loss. This formula is for SERIOUS DIETERS only and should not be taken by those that are sensitive to stimulants or are only looking to shed a few “vanity” pounds.

The STIMULANT FREE formula is based on the powerful IGOB131® extract but with none of the more hardcore stimulants. Instead it has the addition of Cissus Quadrangularis and PEA which increases the effectiveness of the African Mango, while also curbing your appetite and improving your mood while dieting. This formula is safe for all, and can even be taken before bed to help fight late night cravings.

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