Bohemian Chic

By Dallas Heap of Isabellas Array Hey everyone! I am so excited to be back and writing an article for Food Fit Fab. I wanted to talk about one of my main styles all through out these gorgeous sunny months. I am all about bohemian trends in the summer. In fact I love bohemian styles year round but something about …

Summer Staples

Article by Lauren Wright from A Hippies Daughter. 1. THE WIDE BRIM HAT (Janessa Leone) 2. THE ROMPER (Free People) 3. THE CUTOFFS (One Teaspoon) 4. THE SANDAL (K. Jacques) 5. THE PERFECT TEE (LNA) 6. THE TUNIC (JEN’S PIRATE BOOTY) 7. THE PERFECT BEACH TOWEL (Beach riot) 8. THE SKINNY JEAN (J BRAND) 9. THE CUTE GLASSES (MADEWELL) 10. THE PERFECT TRAVEL BAG (STELA 9)